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Mediterranean Night

Mediterranean Night Meal Kit


 Indulge in 5 simple yet delicious Mediterranean-inspired recipes along with cookware that that will have you feeling good from the inside out!  

 Each recipe serves 8-10 people for under $3.00 a serving!  

Collection includes: 

  • Chicken Souvlaki Seasoning (2) 
  • Donair Seasoning (2) 
  • Lemon Dilly Dip Mix 
  • Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing Mix 
  • Dulce de Leche Mix  
  • Sheet Pan  
  • Sheet Pan Liner  

INGREDIENTS: Enjoy traditional, restaurant-quality Mediterranean flavours at home. Blends are low in sodium, gluten-free, and free-from artificial colours and flavours. 

QUICK & EASY: The Sheet Pan and Sheet Pan Liner will help you cook faster, easier, and with minimal cleanup. Recipes go from raw to ready in 20 minutes or less! 

ENDLESS OPTIONS: Use seasonings to add flavour to chicken, beef, fish, or tofu! Try them on veggies or mix with olive oil to use a dressing. Multi-purpose blends can be used at breakfast, lunch, dinner, and includes a sugar conscious dessert!