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Round Steamer

Round Steamer


A must-have tool for every kitchen! Our game-changing silicone Round Steamer cooks food faster and more evenly in the microwave. Bring a whole, juicy Roast Chicken to the table in 20 minutes, perfectly cook fluffy grains, baked potatoes, and tender veggies, or meal prep soups and chowders for easy weeknight meals. The possibilities are endless!   

Volume: 14¾ cups (3.5 L) | Height: 5" (13.5 cm) | Diameter: 8½" (21.5 cm) across top

  • Round shape is ideal for cooking whole chicken, soups & one-pot meals.  
  • Vented lid prevents liquid from overflowing.  
  • Holds 14¾ cups for 4–6 servings of most meals.  

CAUTION: Contents may become very hot; use oven mitts and be cautious when removing the lid.